The Vendôme Menton Hotel: the dream location

In Menton, the sea is there to see.

Beach fronts and mountain passes, France and Italy, multicoloured façades and forever azure-blue skies: all of these appealing attractions are easily accessible from Hôtel Vendôme Menton, thanks to its outstanding location in Menton.

The picturesque Côte d’Azur

There’s no doubt about it, the hotel’s closest neighbours, Nice & Monaco, add to the sparkle. What’s more, as soon as Menton comes into view, you will slowly but surely feel in an artistic mood with a slightly bohemian attitude. The colourful façades of the old town, pink ochre fronts set against a sky-blue backdrop are thought-provoking, yet with an effervescent vibe. As you settle into Hôtel Vendôme Menton, the experience is enhanced by the blue horizon. Whether it’s a feast for the eyes or for bathing, the Mediterranean at Menton has a beauty all its own. It may make perfect images for Instagram pages, but it is first and foremost a destination whose real charm is there to be discovered in person, without filters or media buzz. It is a place that makes you want to leave your smartphone behind, and the need to switch off — in every sense of the word — takes on true meaning. It can be said that it is the very best that a family resort has to offer.

Midway between France & Italy

On the Promenade du Soleil side, there’s the beach. On the Rue Saint-Michel side, there’s the pedestrian quarter. With its two entrances, Hôtel Vendôme Menton is right at the crossroads where two happy contrasts meet, highly eloquent peace and quiet and restful conviviality. Menton is a true gem of a French terroir, with an Italian influence: go to the Halles covered market and see for yourself. More than just a market, it is a lively place with irresistible culinary appeal. Try the socca, picore, limoncello, barbajuan, and even lemon ravioli, made with the renowned Menton lemon, which the town celebrates annually between February and March. The corsos [parades] — the name of which is obviously Italian in origin — come alive with magnificently decorated floats and take part in an event that should not be missed under any circumstances during the Fête du Citron® lemon festival in Menton. 

Bathing and/or hiking: the choice is yours

From Hôtel Vendôme Menton, with your feet up, you can plan sublime walks through paved side streets, palm tree-lined thoroughfares, or along pebble and sand beaches. And why not take a stroll through the exotic treasures of the listed Jardin Serre de la Madone botanic gardens. It’s just a 30-minute walk away. Seasoned walkers will perhaps be tempted to continue their journey along the hiking path that leads to the Cime de Baudon (at an altitude of 1265 metres), and on their way explore the village of Gorbio and its small squares. Unless, of course, you to take Hôtel Vendôme Menton as the starting point or welcome finishing point of your great adventure along the GR51 hiking trail, also known as the Balcony of the Mediterranean. In either case, the hotel offers the best conditions for having a well-earned rest or for getting away from it all.. 

How to get there

  • Access via pedestrian street:

2, rue Saint Michel

  • Train:

Menton Centre railway station – a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride to the hotel

TER railway line from Marseille-Saint Charles to Ventimiglia via Cannes, Nice, Beaulieu-sur-mer, Monaco…

  • Airplane:

Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport

The airport is a 40-minute train ride or drive from Menton.

  • Car:

A8 motorway, exit 59 Menton

Acces to the entrance of the Hotel at the address: 1640, Pomenade du Soleil- 06500 MENTON